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TE. New Product: INSTALITE Molded Boots with Rayaten Shielding

Rugged, Reliable and EMI Enhanced Molded Parts

Rayaten family of high performance, rugged, versatile, heat shrinkable molded parts, that offer lightweight screening capability of 70 db of attenuation up to 1 Ghz.

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, is pleased to introduce the next generation of INSTALITE molded boots with Rayaten shielding for harnessing applications that need EMI shielding. Designed with new flexible EMI shielding materials, Rayaten shielding heat-shrinkable boots are easier to install yet maintain the original Rayaten EMI-shielding and ruggedized design.

TE’s next generation INSTALITE molded boots are both easier to install and less craft sensitive because of their new flexible EMI shielding. This shielding helps reduce the risk of cracking and speeds up recovery from the heat shrinking process. The new EMI shielding material also allows TE to offer an expanded range of configurations, including several T-shape options and multiway harness breakouts.

“Next generation Rayaten shielding combines the same fluid-resistant exterior with new EMI shielding material to create a rugged boot that can withstand harsh military and aerospace environments,” said Mark Taylor, product manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense and Marine division. “As a provider of end-to-end sealed harnessing solutions, it’s important for TE to continue engineering lighter, simpler, better products for our customers.”

The next generation INSTALITE molded boots with Rayaten shielding provide >70 dB of attenuation for a frequency range of 3 kHz to 1GHz and EMI continuity from harness braid through the backshell. Each boot is environmentally sealed and designed to resist abrasion as well as damage from most military fuels, oils and greases. INSTALITE boots are available in standard -25 (System 25) compound and -100 (System 100) Zero Halogen, LFH compound.